Bas: A day in the special forces

February 6th, 2018 by Energyworx

Hi, my name is Bas Philippus and I have been working as a Software Developer at Energyworx for little over a year now. After working hard on the support team and showing what I could do, I got invited to the Special Forces team. The Special Forces are a team of developers and data-scientists working directly with our visionary Edwin Poot on the latest features and working closely with our customers to connect their systems to our platform, often while traveling around the world.

9:30 – My day as a member of the Special Forces usually starts by looking through the backlog of planned features and seeing what is assigned to me (If I’m not already neck-deep in implementing another feature). After I have found the planned feature I’m going to work on today, a design needs to be made.

12:00 – Lunch! I need to reload my energy to finish some designs.

13:00 – After a feature is designed I put in my earbuds, put on some awesome coding music and get right to work implementing it. In the Special Forces team, it often happens that we create a proof-of-concept, making sure the design works in the context of our platform, but it also happens that we see the entire developments cycle through to the end.

17:00 – Nearing the end of the day, we have our Special Forces daily check or weekly team meeting. We talk about what we did during the day, problems we had or discuss designs for upcoming features. This is great chance to talk to get in touch with the part of our team that is based in America (or the Dutch part of the team if I am in the US myself).

18:00 – After some input from my America-based colleagues, designs might change slightly or implementations could alter. I spend a little more time testing my feature and making sure it is in line with the requirements. I get a lot of energy from working on new features and making sure the customer is happy. Seeing that same enthusiasm in my colleagues is truly inspiring and drives me to make the Energyworx platform the best!

Are you just as enthusiastic and talented as our employees?

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