Big Energy Data can Save Water!

July 6th, 2015 by

Energy Data Management and data analytics to save more water

On July 10th, the San Francisco team will head to Sacramento to join the Summit on Water Technology & the California Drought. After a positive meeting with the California Natural Resources Agency, Energyworx was encouraged to participate and show how data crunching can monitor water infrastructure and encourage users large and small to conserve water.

The summit will bring together water agencies, water technology companies, state and local government leaders, researchers, non-profit organizations, and other key stakeholders to explore existing and upcoming technologies that can be scaled throughout California and improve drought resiliency.

Energyworx plans to speak with water agencies about their smart water metering programs, infrastructure monitoring & control, and how to best engage customers to save water! We will also be looking to network with partners who are deploying IP-enabled water technologies.

Going to the summit? Contact Matthew Ross about project and partnership opportunities!

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Energyworx’ Roots in Water

Did you know that Energyworx’ first project was a water metering and control project in South Africa? As part of a Dutch consortium (WEG-Wise), Energyworx helped a South African water utility deliver potable water to its customers and repair and prevent leaks. Smart hardware was deployed across the water infrastructure to identify leaks and also allowed water flow to be reduced when customers did not pay their bills.