Come visit Energyworx at EUW17

Come see us at EUW 2017 in Amsterdam

September 25th, 2017 by

The energy industry is facing a number of significant challenges in dealing with large and diverse volumes of data. In addition, most utilities have data quality issues.

Often, the data on which they base their processes, is not accurate. Still, this data is being used for billing purposes, an important forecast or for the maintenance schedule. These risks can easily be in the € 50m – € 100m range per year.

Energyworx solves this problem. We have built a platform that can ingest massive amounts of diverse data using ETL, batch and continuous streams. Upon ingestion, the Energyworx Intelligence Engine automatically cleans ingested data, leading to much higher data quality. In recent projects we’ve seen an increase in data quality from 62% to 93%.

The platform uses smart data tagging and correlates several data types to bring contextual insight. The solution contains the Energyworx Query Language. It’s the answer to questions that may look simple, but aren’t. Like: “Show me our C&I customers who do 10mW or more and have called our customer care center at least twice per month during the last quarter’’. With this multidimensional search on corporate data, it quickly helps you to find every possible needle in a haystack.

Fully integrated in the platform are specific solutions in the area of Meter Data Management, Energy Deal Analytics , Unbilled Revenue and Grid Analytics.

Machine learning capabilities have been added to explore and analyze the data, building context by correlating characteristics and important events. This is done in such a way that a broader group other than data scientists can use it to quickly improve your business.

Your data scientists can plug in their own algorithms, test them and when optimized, run them at cloud scale with literally one push of the button, using all the functionality Energyworx offers in the platform to significantly increase your innovative capabilities and your time-to-market.

I know: it may sound too good to be true. So, why not just visit our booth and test us? I look forward to seeing you next week.

Best regards,

Edwin Poot
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Come visit Energyworx at EUW17