Crunching The Future Of Energy Data

November 6th, 2016 by Energyworx

The Energy Transition disrupts your business models. Data grows exponentially due to the rollout of new home and grid sensors and the increasing frequency of data. Actionable insight is needed to develop new business models, helping you to monetize your data.

Energyworx delivers insight at your fingertips with a suite of Energy Data Management and Energy Intelligence solutions.

Pure Play SaaS solution:

  • Scale up or down in seconds. Only use what you need and pay for what you use
  • ‘API first strategy’ integrates any part of an electrical (micro)grid
  • Out-of-the-box tools for data collection, aggregation and analysis of time-series data based on industry based practices
  • Tagged to correlate and enrich with other data sources
  • The latest innovations including cloud based Machine Learning

Energyworx ingests and analyzes massive amounts of data 50 x faster than any other solution. Even better: the required investment is at least 75% lower than any other solution. Guaranteed.Do you want to take us up on the challenge? Make an appointment or visit our booth (3D46) during European Utility Week to have Energyworx ingest, process & analyze your data set.

The insight will help you to monetize your data.


Schedule a meeting with us for a free Exploratory Data Analysis during European Utility Week.

— Energyworx