Edwin Poot


Edwin is the company mastermind who never stops working. He sets the pace of progress as he always thinks steps ahead when it comes to market demands and developing creative solutions. Many experts have declared him a fool but he’s proven them obsolete every single time. Edwin has what it takes: The worx.


Edwin has over 20 years of business and technology experience in finance, telecom and energy industries of which the last 10 years as an entrepreneur. Before devoting his work full-time to build Energyworx, he served as multi-disciplinary technology strategist for several large utilities and founded another product company and consulting company. He enjoys public speaking and is 1 part entrepreneur, 1 part executive, 2 parts geek and 2 parts forward-thinker..

He is a multi-disciplinary software technology specialist and enterprise IT architect, designing complex multi-channel and service-oriented architectures (SOA), delivering high-tech solutions for large banking, telecom and utility companies.

The past ten years he has been working with several Energy companies on strategic level, defining enterprise IT strategies and roadmaps. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years and ran his own consulting firm delivering innovative software development and architecture solutions.

Edwin finds challenge in designing and developing sophisticated data management, analytics and machine learning solutions supporting the flood of data that is entering the smart grid in the energy and utilities sector. He firmly believes that cloud technology will play an important role in the shift towards energy democracy driven by people and communities, leading the way as a pioneer by founding the Energyworx company.


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We live in a changing Energy World, moving away from fossil fuels transitioning in a complex new Energy Mix from demand to supply and a change from centralized to distributed generation. People and communities care about energy efficiency and want to be engaged in reducing their environmental impact. This requires a rethink of the structure and suppleness of the Smart Grid and its systems. Data is fuelling the Industry and Energyworx is putting these disparate data streams and stores to use with high tech energy intelligence, based on time series analytics and machine learning concepts, to solve today’s information challenges. We deliver value in days, rather than months or years. We therefore only work with the most talented people who share our DNA. Do you have what it takes?

  • You walk the extra mile
    You are intrinsically passionate about what you do. You focus on our clients and if necessary, work all night to deliver what you promised. You do not have a 9-5 mentality and you have an eye for every important detail.
  • You dare to be ingenious
    With clear vision and not afraid to use the latest innovations, you deliver the best solution possible within time and customer expectations. You can easily adapt to changing technologies and ways of working and dare to think differently.
  • You take ownership
    You are independent, organize your own work and take initiative when required. We give you ownership, you take it. This means you are reliable in your duties and confident in what you do. You make impact.

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