Dorien dares to be ingenious

March 8th, 2018 by Energyworx

A little over a year ago I got the chance to do my internship at Energyworx. My name is Dorien and last year, I dedicated myself for five months to the world of solar panels in search of a solution to increase the quality and completeness of solar production data. The goal of my internship changed quite a few times, which says a lot about the flexibility that is required at Energyworx. In the end, this flexibility helped me to not only graduate but also to improve my performance within the team.

After I graduated in July 2017 I got the opportunity to stay on as a Data Scientist, and since then I have been a proud member of the Bug Squashers. Two days a week, I occupy myself with thoroughly testing our product, even though creating tests is not something I had previous experience with. This is what ‘Dare to be Ingenious’ means to me: going outside your comfort zone and making the most of opportunities to learn more about other aspects of the product and new ways of working.

The remaining days of the week, I live a completely different life: University. Besides learning a lot at the office, I am broadening my horizon by pursuing a master’s degree in Business Analytics. It is a big switch between the fast pace at work and sitting in on lectures for over an hour, but it is what keeps me sharp and ready to take on new challenges. In my free time, I also like to explore new roads. Hiking is one of my hobbies, and the path brings new challenges around every corner or hilltop. Just when you’ve reached the top, there is another waiting.

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