March 19th, 2015 by Energyworx

Tension is rising at the Energyworx headquarters, since we are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s solar eclipse. We logged in to ENTSOE’s energy portal today but unfortunately didn’t find any forecasts on tomorrow’s expected fall in solar production yet. Nonetheless, we’re excited to see what the eclipse will be doing to our (inter)national solar energy levels tomorrow morning.

Fall versus rise
Since the Netherlands, like many other European countries, does not have a widespread or publicly available monitoring system when it comes to solar energy, we plan to compare marginal solar energy data to more extensive data on non-renewable energy usage. This way, we can analyse to what extent a drop in available solar energy is back up by a rise in the production of power with conventional, fossil fuels.

Dealing with gusty weather (or eclipses)
We actually developed a use case around this challenge already a while ago, explaining how to deal with the somewhat unreliable character of renewable energy sources in case of gusty weather or for example an eclipse like tomorrow’s. To ensure stable power levels to your customers, it probably won’t surprise you that we believe the solution lies within data analytics. Read more about how we link historical data, extrapolations and forecasts to stable power levels.

We are on the case! If you are interested to know more about our findings tomorrow, please give us a call!

— Energyworx