Energyworx and Ciber on a joint mission

September 13th, 2014 by

Crunching the future of energy data

Energyworx and Ciber join forces. Together they will fuel game changing business models and concepts within the energy and utility industry. Energyworx provides mind-buzzing cloud based technology. Ciber takes care of systems integration and consultancy.

The energy and utility industry faces both challenges and opportunities. Solutions are growingly becoming data dependent and data intense. Conventional systems are rapidly becoming obsolete, as they are no longer able to meet market demands. They lack scalability, speed and require expensive hardware. In the meanwhile, pricing models are old school as they are based upon license fees. When it comes to crunching data, Energyworx sets industry standards with proven new cloud based technology that crunches unlimited amounts of data at unmatched speed. Its pricing model is designed to be agile to success as you pay per use – ensuring low risk, enabling high impact.

Edwin Poot, CEO at Energyworx – “We’re proud to welcome Ciber as a crunching companion. Bear in mind, our company merely exists two years. Already we’ve established a strategic partnership with Ciber, the global information technology company with 40 years of proven IT experience. This allows us to focus on core development.”

Rinse Veltman, Global Head of Utilties at Ciber“Energyworx is part of our strategic portfolio for the Energy & Utility market. Like Energyworx, Ciber focuses on innovative, robust and scalable cloud based solutions, with a pay-per-use price model. Our partnership sets of in the Netherlands, but we expect to implement the technology on a global scale within years.”