Energyworx and Google data enablers at Pöyry Eurelectric conference in Brussels

November 23rd, 2016 by Energyworx

Customer Focused Energy Business – Positioning in a Changing World

On October 5, Energyworx and Google presented on a conference in Brussels for the Customer Focused Energy Business in the critical data enablers block with Tesla and Grid Singularity sharing their view on mobility, storage and the blockchain. Mario Schothuis from Google explained how Google helps their clients to be customer focused with data. The infrastructure on which Google’s customers do this has been made available, as Google Cloud, for others to use. Energyworx has build an energy data management solution on this platform with energy intelligence solutions for the utility industry. Energyworx’ Rinse Veltman explained the Energyworx vision for the context aware energy retailer, who uses not only meter data but also weather, holiday and demographic data for more accurate and faster forecasts, leading to better offerings for their customers at a fraction of the cost.

The conference, organised by Stephen Woodhouse, Head of Market Design from Pöyry Management consulting, was hosted at the Eurelectric Headquarter in Brussels. Over 100 European delegates from energy retailers, regulatory bodies and investors were part of the discussions around the theme “Positioning in a Changing World”.  The conference ended with a Balloon Debate where speakers of Fortum, Eesti Energia, Next Kraftwerke and Open Utility showcased their innovative ideas and digital business models as a blueprint to become the most successful utility in Europe in 2025.

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