Energyworx at GCP NEXT Amsterdam

June 10th, 2016 by Rinse Veltman

This week Energyworx showcased its Energy Data Management platform at the GCP NEXT World Tour in the amazing setting of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Over 2,500 clients, partners and cloud developers came together in the largest IT cloud event in The Netherlands.

In the conference keynote Google Head of Cloud Solutions Miles Ward talked about the technology, like the 1PB per second global network infrastructure on which Google runs its business with Gmail, Google Apps, Search, Maps, Adwords and Youtube.  These assets that Google developed over the past 15+ years are now external and made available to enterprise customers as Google Cloud Platform. Privacy and security topics were addressed by Miles who talked about the Privacy and Security certifications including the Cloud Security Certification from De Nederlandse Bank (DNB).

Google’s Director of Cloud Product Management explained that cloud today is most commonly used in the initial two forms of Colocation and Virtualized Datacenters, but NEXT is Auto Everything where users of cloud services are fully abstracted from the underlying infrastructure storage, processing and network components. On stage were success stories from enterprise clients Spotify and technology partner AUKA who use the cloud in “Auto Everywhere” mode including a “NoOps” operational model, which Energyworx has applied in the same way. Daniel Döderlein, CEO of AUKA (fka Mcash) explained how they developed their disruptive platform for the Financial industry, where data privacy and security are a #1 concern, same for Spotify who is in the B2C business where privacy, security and performance are key.

Google’s focus on enterprise cloud was emphasized, with its multi billion$ investments and the growth of the ecosystem of consulting, integration and technology partners. Energyworx is proud to be part of that ecosystem.

In the afternoon it was time for Energyworx on stage and Edwin Poot and Erik van Wijk explained for a full audience how Energyworx leveraged the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into the energy data crunching and analytics service for innovative utilities. Erik demoed the advanced Machine Learning capabilities and Max Luebbe from Google went deep into the technology of BigTable, BigQuery and the core components of GCP on which Energyworx is build. Attendance broke all expectations, with a full crowd and all seats taken.

Between the conference tracks, clients, innovators, developers and partners hit our booth with great networking opportunity. It was a cool place to be, full of business opportunity, innovation and fun.

Will we see you NEXT time?!

Watch out for our coming show on Grid Edge World Forum

Rinse Veltman
Chief Solutions Officer