Energyworx introduces Smart Integration

March 28th, 2018 by Energyworx

Get more out of your consumption data. Smart Integration solves the challenge of integration with any datasource.

Many utilities are looking for meter data analytics solutions. They all utilize metered consumption data in a variety of business processes. However, getting the data from a variety of sources in a timely way is often a bottleneck. This problem is exacerbated when there are many different formats to support. The result is delayed time to market with services that are crucial for your company’s success.

Smart Integration

This new solution, which is part of the Energyworx platform, allows utilities to instantly upload their data from existing Meter Data Management systems, using the Energyworx Data Collector.

Implemented Market Adapters take care of converting the data automatically to the right format for analysis purposes. These Market Adapters cover AMI and AMR time series data, CIS or CRM metadata as well as asset data.

Integration is a complex, tedious process which can introduce delays and risks to any data analytics project. Energyworx has developed Market Adapters to support the most common Meter Data Management systems like Siemens, Itron, Landis+Gyr & Oracle, allowing integration to be completed in a fraction of the time with less inherent risk.

Smart Integration leads to a straightforward integration effort which requires limited support from your resources. Once the Data Collector is installed, all files will be automatically and securely published to Energyworx where the Market Adapters will convert the data to the Energyworx data model. At that point, the ingestion process is complete and our Business Capability Templates can start processing the data to execute your use cases.

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