Energyworx presenting at Swedish Smart Grid Forum in Stockholm

December 16th, 2016 by Energyworx

Energyworx was invited to co-present with Google on the digitalisation of the energy industry at a seminar organised by the Swedish Smart Grid Forum in Stockholm. The Swedish State Secretary to the Minister of Energy opened the seminar. With presentations of ABB, Google-Energyworx, Ericsson-Empower, IKEA-ELIQ and the Swedish Energy Agency the seminar offered a varied agenda for an audience of 150 delegates from the Swedish energy industry.

Surrounded by the beautiful setting of  the Technical Museum in Stockholm, Google’s Guillaume Leygues presented the infrastructure behind Google’s commercial services like Youtube, G Suite and Google Search. He explained how the platform on which their services run evolved over time and is made available as Google Cloud Platform, for others to build upon. A large music streaming company is using it for smart music and Energyworx customers are using it for smart energy data from meters and sensors. Rinse Veltman shared insights on the Energyworx energy data solution that can crunch & analyse petabytes of data at lightning speed and showed how Energyworx helps utilities to monetize the hidden value of their data.

— Energyworx