Energyworx and Google team up at European Utility Week

August 6th, 2014 by Energyworx

Smart meters and other sensor equipment present new data management challenges to energy and utility companies. In the past meter data was collected and processed once or maybe twice per year by the billing department. But in recent years other departments have started to request access to the same data and with a higher density for purposes of forecasting, planning, energy delivery, maintenance, and more to help keep the organization reliable, profitable, and competitive.

In 2020 European smart meters together produce roughly 50-100 Petabytes of meter read data per year. Energyworx provides a data collection and crunching platform able to handle huge volumes of meter read data at unmatched speeds. Our philosophy is that our platform should be very easy to use and integrate with, be extremely fast and comply with strict privacy regulations. We offer it on top of several popular cloud platforms or you can run it inside your own data center.

Last year Energyworx became Google Cloud Platform partner and started leveraging Google’s cloud to scale the platform to even more extremes. Google & Energyworx are proud to announce to join forces as Premium Partners for European Utility Week, 4 – 6 November in Amsterdam. Energyworx’ Edwin Poot comments on the cooperation: “We believe the world is shifting towards energy democracy driven by people and communities. Everyone should have maximum insights in their own energy production and consumption. Google’s Cloud Platform enables our platform to scale beyond our wildest dreams to deliver real-time insights to individual businesses and consumers. We will be demonstrating our joint platform capability live at the EUW exhibition, together with our social energy propositions.”

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