Google Announces 100% renewable energy for its global operations

February 22nd, 2017 by

After several years of renewable energy purchases and investments, Google can finally report that its global energy use will be 100% powered by renewable energy in 2017. With large data centers and offices across the globe, this is no easy feat and is a testament to their incredible efficiency, including data centers 50% more energy efficient than the industry average, and their commitment to renewable energy for both environmental and economic reasons. With agreements totaling 2.6 gigawatts, Google is by far the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable power.

Energyworx is proud to work with Google to bring the latest energy data management and energy intelligence solutions to energy and utility companies, helping them navigate and monetize the energy transition. Not only do we offer our customers the best performance Pure Play SaaS has to offer, but we also ensure that our operations are environmentally responsible. By working with Energyworx, our customers have the cleanest, most efficient cloud infrastructure at their disposal.

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