Greenbird and Energyworx to Offer Integrated Cloud Energy Data Management for New Utility Business Models

September 2nd, 2020 by Energyworx

Partnership Agreement will combine Greenbird’s Utilihive for Enterprise Integration with Energyworx Energy Data Management and Analytics.

Oslo based Greenbird and Energyworx from the Netherlands have signed a partnership agreement through which the two tech innovators will globally accelerate time to market and support utility companies in the energy transition.

Greenbird: Simplifying data provisioning for utilities

Data provisioning—the process of making data available in an orderly and secure way to users, application developers, and applications—is a significant challenge for most utilities. Research shows that organizations typically spend more than 80% of all IT efforts just on preparing data or making “good data” accessible. With many widely varying demands for data, the job of integration and data provisioning is more important than ever. Yet the task has many challenges, some unique to the utilities sector. Utilihive Big Data Integration Hub has been recognized by utilities around the world and is ideally positioned to offer fast, secure and reliable energy data access and to enable the integration of partner software solutions operating smart meters and smart grids.

“Everything we do is designed to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy.” If you are able to crunch data without being limited by scale, speed and obsolete pricing models, the possibilities are endless,” said Marcel E. Smit, CEO at Energyworx. “By partnering together with Greenbird we can further reduce time to market for our clients that want to combine data from different sources to feed existing and allow for new business models to arise.”

Emerging business concepts and models focus on data-driven innovation, new services for clients and delivering reliable and efficient power, while transitioning to an increasingly distributed energy landscape. Greenbird and Energyworx will help utility customers integrate real-time processing of Big Data generated by millions of connected meters and sensors to monitor, control and manage smart devices that help improve reliability and efficiency in large and critical infrastructures.

“At Greenbird we recognize this partnership announcement as a unique opportunity for utilities, metering companies, service partners and other companies which operate large meter infrastructures and are aiming for digital transformation in their IT/OT systems,” said Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Integration Technology. “Both companies share a similar DNA and we are energized by leveraging the know-how and the solutions of our combined companies to help our clients accelerate innovation in the sector.”

Energyworx: Digital platform for the energy transition

Energyworx is the flexible and scalable energy data management solution for the modern digital utility that needs to get a better grip on their energy and meter data analytics. Utilities need to cope with the effects of the energy transition and the resulting market and regulation changes, with an ongoing pressure on operational efficiency. Retailers need better energy deal analytics to provide faster and more profitable deals and services to their customers at a lower risk to their portfolio.

Massive growth in the volume and diversity of data, insufficient quality of data and expanding data silos are emerging obstacles utilities face as the world transitions to decentralized low-carbon energy. Energyworx has achieved strong growth in recent years with its Software as a Service (SaaS) Energy Data Management platform and its proven ability to transform traditional solutions within the energy and utilities market.

The platform includes a solid data foundation and several solutions, like Cloud Meter Data Management and Load Forecasting and Energy Deal Analytics. Energyworx enables the building of sophisticated algorithms like anomaly detection and proprietary analytics to respond quickly to changing market conditions (as a result of e.g. Covid-19), while maintaining a high level of efficiency and competitiveness.

About Greenbird

Greenbird is the leading big data integration technology provider for utilities and the industrial IoT. Our flagship innovation, Utilihive, simplifies data integration and big energy data management empowering utilities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals faster by accelerating the energy transition. Based in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables Digital Transformation at utilities, powering the energy revolution.

About Energyworx

Energyworx is a leader in cloud based software-as-a-service solutions for energy applications and recognized by Gartner as a visionary in the market. Founded in 2012, now serving both the European and US market with an international growing team of 30+ data and energy industry experts.

Privately held and backed by HenQ, SET Ventures, EDP Ventures and ENGIE Ventures, Energyworx is based in Houten, the Netherlands and Houston, Texas, USA.

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