How utility data can help save water

July 9th, 2015 by

Energy data analytics to save on water

Unprecedented water restrictions have been put in place by California to help deal with the ongoing drought. Technologies can help conserve this limited resource and use it more effectively. But how do we monitor the effects of new technology and determine which strategies are actually working?

Having access to better water data could help guide these new water investments and policy decisions. Gathering this data is still a challenge, but there is the opportunity to tap into the state’s networked utility infrastructure to improve data access and quality.

That’s actually how Energyworx started with its first project in South Africa. What we learned there is highly relevant for companies dealing with drought and we would like to take this experience to California. We seek to correlate and aggregate data from electric meters, water meters, well and irrigation pumps, soil moisture sensors and other systems into accurate and real-time information that can show where water is being used, where it is being wasted, and how it can be used more effectively.

The link between energy efficiency and water conservation is commonly dubbed the “water-energy nexus”. We easily overcome the challenges within the water-energy nexus by gathering data from many sources and aggregating them within our software platform. Energyworx specializes in handling high volumes of time-series data, and it doesn’t matter whether this data comes from water, electric or gas meters. We are able to detect water leaks by analyzing the data coming from smart water meters and other sensors within the utility infrastructure. These data sources combined with new data from public sources and utility services give our customers and the final consumer powerful insights into their water usage and the health of their infrastructure.

We solve the problem by putting all the fragmented data sets into one place while keenly managing all privacy and security concerns. The results are easily accessed on customer devices and the fast visualization of the data gives owner-operators the confidence to make informed decisions on water management.

How consumers can help to save on water

Through our power analytics and consumer engagement apps, we are able to provide advice for saving water and money. For example, some consumers could benefit from buying a more water efficient washing machine (4 or 5-star water efficiency rating) or by installing a water efficient showerhead which can save over 10.000 liters of water per person each year (based on an average shower duration of 7 minutes). This advice will lead to more consumer satisfaction and benefit companies dealing with water drought.

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