Front-end Developer

Who are we?

Energyworx is a fast-moving, rapidly growing data analytics and machine learning company.

The global energy market is changing at an unprecedented rate and Energyworx is right in the center of it. Both the shift towards renewable energy sources and the push from the consumer towards a more sustainable look into our energy consumption require that energy data analytics becomes key in order to succeed in energy.

Our platform uses the massive amounts of data that are available in the market and combines them with high-tech energy intelligence to solve today’s information challenges. We serve our customers by giving them real-time analytics and forecasts. Our mission is to enable the global energy evolution in the energy industry.

What does your work entail?

You want to be proud of the code you write; value quality over quantity, work in a small team, own your work, and collaborate with colleagues to make things next level.

What do we expect?

We are looking for a resourceful, communicative Front-end Developer with roughly 2 to 6 years of experience to join our small yet growing Front-end team.

Our team’s responsibilities, and where you will make an impact, include: building new/migrating existing products’ user interfaces from Angular.js to Vue and revamping our company website from WordPress to Nuxt.

Our development teams follow the Scrum methodology, working on iterative sprints of 3 weeks which help maintain focus and keep the cross-team dependencies in check.

We value flexible work hours and arrangements, however, we look forward to occasionally meeting in our office in Houten every now and then.

Who are you?

You shine at least on some of these:

  • Focused on code quality (documentation, linting, testing, scalability, code review, etc.);
  • Have experience developing modern front-end applications;
  • Are familiarized with front-end frameworks (preferably Vue with options API and Vuex);
  • Have an understanding of how to interact with REST APIs;
  • Own what you develop and try to find the best solution possible;
  • Continuously search for the opportunity to teach or learn something new;
  • Know how to solve a problem using different approaches, architectures, or tools;
  • You enjoy what you do.

Want to know more?

Did any of the text above call your attention? Do you think you’ll be a good fit? Have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to our Engineering Manager (Mick Wierenga - [email protected]), or to apply straight away!