Joint live webinar Ciber & Energyworx

September 25th, 2015 by Energyworx

We planned a joint live webinar to warm you up for the EUW2015

Ciber’s Utility-in-a-Box & Energyworx’ BIG Data Crunching combine to transform your business during the live webinar. Rinse Veltman will examine some of the major challenges impacting the energy and utility sector and how they are affecting your business today:

– Increased competition
– Rise of renewables and distributed grid assets
– Data flood arising from the smart grid and its meters
– Changing customer demands and expectations

Rinse will then introduce the Ciber-Energyworx collaboration and allow Joost van der Linde, Business Consultant for Energy & Utilities at Ciber and Matthew Ross, Energy Strategist at Energyworx to discuss practical use cases for utilities to survive and thrive during the Energy Transition.

Joost and Matthew will explain best practices for effectively combining Utility-in-a-Box and the Energyworx Platform for maximum results. The presentation will close with some thoughts on future use cases followed by a live Q&A with the audience.

Join us and share your business challenges!

— Energyworx