Launching our Program for the Utility Week 2015

October 19th, 2015 by Energyworx

As we are getting ready for the European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna, we are excited to share our program with you.

European Utility Week 2015 (3rd – 5th of November, Vienna)

The European Utility Week is the the largest event for the energy industry. The event brings together 10.000 European thought leaders and visionaries behind the world’s most successful utilities and solution providers. This is an unique opportunity to showcase our brand and services as one of the leading companies in the global smart energy market. With over 500 utility representatives already registered to attend the Strategic Conference, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to meet with and network amongst them. Take advantage of the 3-day conference pass!

Partnership with Ciber

Ciber and Energyworx will present their strengths during the three exhibition days. Ciber Utility-in-a-box & Energyworx’ BIG data crunching combine to transform your business and the team will discuss best practices for effectively combining Utility-in-a-Box and the Energyworx platform for maximum results. We exceed customer expectations with our solutions, effectively responding to major challenges impacting the energy and utility sector: increased competition, rise of renewables and distributed grid assets, data flood arising from the smart grid and its meters and changing customer demands and expectations. Practical use cases will be discussed to help utilities survive and thrive during the Energy Transition. Future use cases will be announced for the first time and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Program EUW2015

Day 1 (3rd of Nov)

10:30 Ciber Utility-in-a-box – Dynamic Pricing
and Time-of-Use Billing
Joost van der Linde, Business Consultant

11:00   Meter Data Management –
Matthew Ross, Energy Strategist

14:30   Customer Centric business models: Ciber & Energyworx –
Matthew Ross & Joost van der Linde

Day 2 (4rd of Nov)

10:30 Social Energy App –
Sonja Kester, Marketing Manager

11:00 Ciber Utility-in-a-box – Real-time Rating & Billing
Joost van der Linde

11:30   Meter Data Management –
Matthew Ross

14:30 Customer Centric business models: Ciber & Energyworx –
Matthew Ross & Joost van der Linde

Day 3 (5th of Nov)

10:30 Connected Solar Home  –
Gerard Nederveen, Sales Manager

11:00 Ciber Utility-in-a-box –
Multi-product billing using new charge-out models on a single invoice
Joost van der Linde

13:00 Energy balancing for smart grids –
Erik van Wijk, Co-founder & CTO Energyworx

14:00 Ciber Utility-in-a-box –
Dynamic Pricing and Time-of-Use Billing
Joost van der Linde

Register here and meet us at our stand B.d25! Don’t forget to drop your business-card and get the chance to win the white Apple Smart Watch!

— Energyworx