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Sustaining your businessFor Retailers

Just like utilities, the retailer’s business model is changing quickly from commodity driven to data driven. With all new data deriving from countless sensors, devices and vehicles, there seems to be a world of opportunities out there. But are you seizing them?

Our solution tailors your ambitions

If you want to gain the competitive edge, you need to correlate your hard data with metadata and not be hindered by scale and diversity.

Our solution is blazingly fast and future proof. It provides you with all the power, speed and intelligence you need.

Energy Deal Analytics

Facilitating deal flow and generating forecasts for existing and prospective customers is a process that touches your entire organization. It requires stable IT, talented analysts and strong leadership to reduce risk and capitalize on new opportunities.

Increase loyalty

You want to increase customer loyalty and create ambassadors for your company. Our data intelligence and data management services win hearts and minds by exposing the insights that allow you to improve your service and tailor contracts to the max.

New viable business models

A changing energy world opens a window of opportunities. New insights deliver new ways to add value in services, products and offerings. We help you tailor new business concepts and models to the agile needs of your target audiences and personas. For instance, by crunching the right data sources, we are able to see what kind of clients are most likely to have a traditional thermostat.

For your persona, Sustainable Suzan a smart thermostat saves energy. Gadget Gary probably loves the cool features, whereas Comfy Carl is into in zone heating or cooling

Intelligent Demand Response

To enable customers gain significant value and allow them to profit most from their sustainable investments , you need to match the changing energy mix and growing energy demand with supply. You want to incentify customers to shift loads from peak hours to off-peak hours and prevent them from redistribution excess generated energy during off peak moments.

Traditional DR programs are complex and require a high investment. By using the increasing granularity of data from a real-time perspective and the growing direct control capabilities of equipment, the costs for traditional DR can be reduced. Based on real-time insights, Energyworx enables to automate decisions and control supported equipment at much lower costs.

Servicing emerging microgrids

With technology evolving, new ways to generate energy are becoming more accessible for your clients. Both parties need clear and instant insights that allow you to make or - even better - automate decisions that help save costs, save the environment and increase comfort.

What suits your clients’ needs best: redistribution or using the energy themselves? In order to be successful, you need to create a single centralized view of data - accessible to many and for many use cases. Or to put it more simple: You need Energyworx.

Accelerate your time to business

Our platform covers everything from data ingestion and data cleaning to business deployment and monetization.

We streamline and unify your data intelligence to accelerate your time to business