The Internet of Things for a Smarter Grid

September 28th, 2015 by

Smarter grid to balance energy and optimize the usage of energy resources

The buzz around the Internet of Things and its benefits are largely focused on consumer products. In the Energy World, great focus is given to renewable energy and distributed grid assets but many are quick to forget the importance of internet-enabled devices. These devices play an important role in the delivery of smart energy solutions and the smart meter is the foundation for the  smarter grid. In this blog, we will focus on the importance of the internet-enabled electric grid.

Energyworx believes a smarter grid should strive to balance energy and optimize the usage of energy resources. The innovation of the electric grid is making it possible to efficiently and effectively respond to changes across energy markets. By dynamically adjusting and re-adjusting the output of grid assets, energy can be reliably delivered with the greatest efficiency at the lowest cost. The goal of smart grids is to ensure reliability and efficiency while flawlessly integrating renewable and conventional energy both from centralized and distributed resources.

It are exciting times! The very nature of a product can be transformed by IT. Products can integrate with sensors and software to share data with other systems, leading to an environment of hyper-connected devices. Gartner has forecasted that there will be almost 5 billion connected devices by the end of 2015. This presents the opportunity to measure and correlate variables from many diverse sources. We at Energyworx understand that this will lead to massive increases in data and we are becoming more and more excited about the new business cases that our BIG data crunching engine can help create.

Current power grids are old fashioned and in need of updates. The immense amount of data being generated by smart devices on the grid can show where the grid is weakest and where updates should occur first. How can we improve the reliability of the grid if we are not actively analyzing its system? Energyworx is here to help utilities make sense of all the data and start participating in the internet-fueled smart grid revolution.

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