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Forecasting & Energy Deal Analytics

Streamlining the Energy Deal Lifecycle providing one uniform data ingestion process with pluggable VEE capabilities, scorable forecasts, analytics & machine learning, configurable flow is fully automated from ingestion to results.




Historical consumption (for new clients) or daily consumption (for existing clients) from multiple meters (15-60 min intervals).

Weather data from weather stations near clients meters.

Holiday calendars of clients.


Flows and Rules

VEE to prepare the consumption data, take out anomalies, normalise for weather, seasonalities and holidays, correct for special events, or covid (recently added).

Forecast the optimized consumption data over 1-3 year horizon taking into account holidays and seasons.

Aggregation of consumption and forecast data.

Task: automatically assign tasks to improve consumption data if not of right quality to forecast.

Task: analyse demand forecast, adjust configuration of forecast and rerun.



Demand Forecast per meter and per client is forwarded to pricing team or system to prepare a commercial proposal to clients.

Demand Forecast per meter and per client is forwarded to energy sourcing team or system.

360 degrees view of the meter, seeing all information (weather station data, master data) for each meter in the multi-site contract of the client.


Below benefits lead to a significant improved bottom line, especially with our SaaS operational model and pay-per-use pricing.

Reduce risks

Reduce portfolio risks through more granular data management and demand forecasting on each individual customer metering point in the portfolio.

Improve efficiency

Improve operational efficiency by using a fully automated and intelligent business flow with minimum human intervention (less error-prone, reducing risks).

Better Insights

Better insight into your energy portfolio, and be one step ahead of the competition with robust energy data processing foundation ready to add future customer engagement and IoT opportunities.

Faster time to market

Faster time to market behavior ⇒ fast implementation or change because of the cloud based deployment model and platform flexibility.

“With their flexible, services based platform, Energyworx helped us gain control of our data quality. This resulted in an increase in new business. The agile approach of Energyworx doesn’t always yield what we want, but they always advise and deliver what we need.

Sayun Sukduang, President and CEO of

Easy integration of data sources

With Energyworx Smart Integration Framework, we connect any data source in a few days, leading to results in weeks instead of months.

Our Platform

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  • Deploy & Monetize

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