Tony: A day from a Bug Squasher’s life

January 22nd, 2018 by Energyworx

Squash. Squash. Squash.

It’s the sound of bugs being ‘squashed’ here at Energyworx — small or big, personal branch or in production. Nowhere are bugs escaping the hands of our Bug Squashers team. My name is Tony Nguyen, I am a developer in the Bug Squashers team. The focus of the team is to optimize and stabilize the platform by testing code, implementing fixes, and optimizing code. A day as a bug squasher is never the same, as there are new and exciting challenges every day.

9:00 – Starting off is getting up to date with all changes of the day before. Even at night, features will be updated and fixes pushed to production, which says a lot about the level of commitment and ownership people have. The process of handling incoming requests is by designing, iterating, and implementing; solo or with the help of others.

12:00 – To refuel the energy of people, a daily lunch is provided, which helps me reload and tackle any developmental hurdles that might pop up this afternoon. Surrounding myself with other people during lunch, allows me to share my current challenges and lets others help me overcome them.

14:00 – A new ticket arrives in our ticketing service, which helps us to communicate directly to all our clients and be up to date with every part of the user experience. The ticket gets reviewed. If the issue is easily resolved, a few lines of text is enough to guide our clients to the solution. Otherwise, an internal ticket is created and assigned to the Product Warriors team, which will design, implement, and test the new feature.

17:00 – Finishing off the day with a short, but effective, daily check. This is a moment to synchronise up with team members and overall development progress. The constant strive for bleeding-edge technology and high customer satisfaction is what drives Energyworx to achieve perfection with high productivity, one day at a time.

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