Twan dares to be Ingenious

December 27th, 2017 by Energyworx

Hi, my name is Twan Verboom and I am a developer at Energyworx. I have been part of the Energyworx culture for three years now. Working with a small team at Energyworx allows me to work on various aspects of the product; going from front-end to back-end and vice versa on the same day is not an exception. Being able to work with the latest technologies of the Google Cloud platform drives me to keep innovating and come up with ingenious ways to work with massive amounts of data. Solving complex back-end problems and translating the back-end functions to a front-end with great user experience is what gives me energy.

Because we are serving customers in both Europe and the USA, we must be flexible with working hours and sometimes free up an evening to have that important meeting with our colleagues or customers. This flexibility is also needed in our day to day work; new technologies keep us sharp and innovative, which comes in handy since we prefer to think outside the box as much as possible.

Although the speed at Energyworx is relatively high, it is nothing compared to the speeds I reach in the weekend. As a fervent skydiver, I love to fall back to the earth reaching speeds over 120 mph. Seeking thrills in combination with challenging work is the best combo for me, allowing me to deliver top notch software without fear.

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— Energyworx