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Optimizing Operational EffficiencyFor Utilities

The highly competitive market is evolving at a remarkable pace. An exploding number of sensors, devices and vehicles are generating dramatic amounts of data that should be fueling your tasks of maintaining, operating and optimizing the smart grid. But are you getting the actionable insights and value that your data, operation and ambition is calling for?

Our solution tailors your ambitions

If you want to gain the competitive edge, you need to correlate your hard data with valuable metadata and not be hindered by scale and diversity. Our solution is blazingly fast and future proof. It provides you with all the power, speed and intelligence you need.

Our data intelligence and data management services enable you to manage the ever increasing amounts of data from the grid. By uncovering the value of this data, we help you balance and optimize the grid, reducing losses during transmission and distribution.

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Energy redistribution

Microgrids are on the rise with prosumers and consumers generating energy themselves. As a result Utility companies are shifting from centralized to distributed generation. All equipment and sensors storming the grid increase the need for higher frequency data and insights.

Both utility companies and energy users are committed to reduce overproduction and want to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Our platform enables you to substantiate decisions on redistributing energy, instantly and effectively.

Fraud detection

Our engine crunches hard data with many types of other (meta)data, helping you to identify the smallest anomalies and detect fraud in early stages.

Improved network efficiency

When you make better decisions on grid planning, monitor changes over time, abstract trends, exceptions and other interesting cycles from available data, you will operate better on all levels. Energyworx helps you optimize your assets, detect and predict network congestions, allowing you to effectively balance the energy flowing through all assets along the grid.

Intelligent Demand Response

Want to improve operation and reliability of the grid? Then you are required to match the changing energy demand with supply. You need to shift and shave the load during peaks and redistribute the excess energy at off peak moments. Traditional DR programs are complex and require a high investment.

By using the increasing granularity of data from a real-time perspective and the growing direct control capabilities of equipment, the costs for traditional DR can be reduced. Based on real-time insights, Energyworx enables to automate decisions and control supported equipment at much lower costs.

Accelerate your time to business

Our platform covers everything from data ingestion and data cleaning to business deployment and monetization.

We streamline and unify your data intelligence to accelerate your time to business