Utility Analytics Summit Panel Discussion

May 28th, 2018 by Energyworx

During the recent Utility Analytics Summit in Irvine, California Energyworx Founder Edwin Poot participated in a panel discussion around Data Quality and Data Hygiene called “Why Data Hygiene is the Backbone for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Strategies

Edwin was accompanied by group of renowned and respected utility industry leaders: David Baron, Performance Mgmt & Org Strategy with Southern California Gas, Tom Hobbib, Manager Enterprise Analytics Solutions at SDG&E, Dominick Huang, Director Analytics with CenterPoint Energy, and Greg Salisbury Vice President, Operations Performance at Consumers Energy.

Matt Labovich, Senior Partner at PWC Power & Utilities moderated the panel and helped to uncover why data quality is so critical to utility success. Specifically, the panelists shared their perspectives and experiences on the following:

  • Key challenges around data quality and their associated impacts
  • Best practices for measuring and improving data quality
  • The benefits gained from “data hygiene” strategies as they relate to analytics and machine learning

The resulting discussion highlighted several key issues which are shared across the industry:

  • Utilities are spending significant capital on large scale transformational changes – Grid Modifications, Pipeline replacement, etc. – all of which will have a role for analytics – how is the Data Quality considered and what are the challenges?
  • During large analytics projects, how much of your time is spent on Data Quality issues? What percentage of time does your leadership think is spent on Data Quality?
  • Analytics teams are at the cross section of business users and IT. How do these teams work with different stakeholders to resolve data issues? How does their understanding of the data impact the success of analytics at your utility?
  • How does your organization define governance?
  • Data Quality is a complex topic to track and monitor – what are the best practices for measuring Data Quality?
  • How do you build a culture around Data Quality? What methods are used at different levels of the utility and how is this communicated in a way that builds buy-in across the organization?

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