Vuk: A day from a product warrior’s life

January 26th, 2018 by Energyworx

Fully prepared with armor and sword I arrive at the office for another day in code paradise. As a product warrior, it’s my job to preserve and build out our paradise even more. My name is Vuk Glisovic and I’m a Data Scientist in the Product Warriors team. In this team we work on code maintainability and enhancing features until they’re easily usable by everyone. Let’s have a look at what my day normally looks like.

8:30 – Usually I start around this time, but since we have a culture that supports flexibility, I sometimes start an hour earlier or later. The first thing I do is check for any updates since last night. As we’re constantly developing, I’m used to seeing new features being added all the time. So in order to be up to date with the latest greatest, I read into other people’s code to not only know what is going on, but also to learn from others.

12:00 – Time for lunch! While I’m eating some pumpkin hummus and a lot of peanut butter, I have some nice chats with colleagues to regain my strength for the afternoon. It’s time to work on some new features!

14:00 – Having read my assignments, I pick the top priority and start working on it right away. There’s a lot of various things to be done, examples are: I perform my analysis on client cases, create new machine learning models for forecasting or classification tasks or develop in our back-end code. Everyday is a surprise which makes it fun and interesting to work at Energyworx.

17:00 – It’s time to have our Product Warriors daily check. At the end of the day, we talk about the progress we made, the difficulties everyone encountered and whether someone is able to continue with their projects the next day or not. If not, we never get bored since we always seek to help each other out and clear the way so that everyone is able to continue on their quest to improve the Energyworx platform!

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