Back to the Future: Energyworx at European Utility Week 2017

December 20th, 2016 by Rinse Veltman

So, what did we learn at European Utility Week this year? Most utilities are developing new data driven, digital services to keep their customers. They want to improve their own business operations as well. What’s the thing they struggle most with?  Managing and analysing the tsunami of data that is heading their way. Smart meters and thousands of IoT devices. Weather, social and traffic sources. Contextual insights in real-time. While at the same time the data quality just improved. Doesn’t that sound like the future?

Edwin Poot, the founder of Energyworx invited people to go  “back to the future”. To get Context Enriched Energy Intelligence out of your data. Getting results in weeks vs months. At a fraction of the cost. That got some attention!

Many service providers claim to be the data gurus. How can you separate the data experts from the data charlatans? Our simple answer: compare and ask us for a ‘back to the future’ test-drive with your data! Contact me if you want want to improve your competitive advantage now.

See you soon!

Rinse (a.k.a Marty)

Rinse Veltman
Chief Services Officer