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Our platform is awesome

We enable organizations to make confident business decisions with real time generated insights. We fuel best of breed products and services for the energy and utility industry.

  • Grid optimization and reliability
  • Consumer engagement
  • Monitoring
  • Energy management & device control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy trading
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Social energy
  • Improved safety
  • Energy theft detection
  • Accurate billing data
  • Meter data management


Our cloud based platform is utility agnostic. Globally, any organization within de energy and utility industry can use our engine and retrieve smart insights. Welcoming worldwide participation, our engine runs on open source technology using open standards.

Throughout the world many countries use different protocols to gather meter data. At Energyworx we develop the adapters to give them access to our engine. Already we support many country specific utility standards.


By crossing various temporal data sources, we aggregate and consolidate revolutionary new insights and display them in real-time. Being able to calculate hundreds of billions of context enriched data points in minutes means our advanced live algorithms are extremely powerful.

We tag and group all data, helping you gain detailed insight in behavior enabling you to detect trends, cycles and exceptions.

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Third parties can connect to our engine through our open API. They use retrieved data for many different purposes like:

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Live monitoring of information
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Fast visualization
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Comparing & benchmarking
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Device control (home automation)
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Social sharing of behavior