Pay as you grow without upfront investments

We let you get the most out of big data with our pay as you grow pricing model.


Our platform offers Software-as-a-Service. We continuously nourish it with proven new technology and passion. We take care of our engine and keep fueling your success with a very simple pay-per-use model. Our Terms of Services describe exactly what you can expect from our Software-as-a-Service, from our continuous and fast release cycles all the way up to delivering you the best support level that is fit for your purpose.

The service is charged based on actual usage using the following billing components:

Price per meter

SaaS license depending on the number of meters (called datasources in our platform) and the functionality used. This is including Standard Support, with the option to upgrade to Premium Support.

CLOUD Infrastructure costs

Cloud infrastructure, passed through to you with a nominal agreed margin.

Support costs

We deliver two support options:

  • Standard Support, suitable for non-critical scenarios that only require support during business hours.
  • Premium Support, best used for business critical scenarios that require 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

*Our SLA describes exactly what you can expect for every part of our service, so no surprises and full transparency.

Pricing Strengths

  • No upfront investments
  • Pay as you grow
  • Transparent price model
  • Lower operational and support costs
  • Unlimited scalability and storage
  • Nominal agreed margin on cloud infrastructure costs
  • Bi-weekly upgrades

Projects, consultancy, training and support

Need help? The Energyworx team is available to work with you for projects, consultancy and support after go-live. We have a growing network of professional and managed service partners who work close with our teams and are happy to support your projects.

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