Cloud Meter Data Management

Everything we do is designed to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. We do this through technology innovation. Energyworx is a leader in cloud based software-as-a-service solutions for energy applications and recognized by Gartner as a visionary in the market

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How we add value to the energy value chain

We will ingest and process your data so you can analyze and learn from it. Without structured and real-time access to the diversity of data sources, it is impossible to monetize your data.

We enable your data requirements across the entire Energy Value Chain. Whether you need to ingest enormous amounts of data as batches or streaming every day, minute or second, we offer instant and real-time access with limitless storage and computing power. We also help you to uncover the hidden value of your data by correlating and analyzing the data with a diversity of other data sources.

Our platform


Digital utilities are using our engine for best of breed products and services.


for grid companies Meter Data Management

The highly competitive market is evolving at a remarkable pace. An exploding number of sensors, devices and vehicles are generating dramatic amounts of data that should be fueling your tasks of maintaining, operating and optimizing the smart grid. But are you getting the actionable insights and value that your data, operation and ambition is calling for?


for Retailers Forecasting & Energy Deal Analytics

Just like utilities, the retailer’s business model is changing quickly from commodity driven to data driven. With all new data deriving from countless sensors, devices and vehicles, there seems to be a world of opportunities out there. But are you seizing them?