Edwin Poot amongst the Most Influential People in European Smart Grid

February 17th, 2015 by Energyworx

We are proud! Edwin Poot, CEO and founder of Energyworx, is listed in Metering.com’s list of Most Influential People in European Smart Grid, an exclusive directory of the movers and shakers in Europe’s smart grid sector.

These key stakeholders are driving the development of smart grid by the roles they play within their organisations or industry associations; through the technology they champion; or the policies they develop.

Edwin was asked to share his top 3 predictions for the power sector in 2015:

  1. Huge increase in cleantech investments, challenging startups to disrupt the decades-old energy market and classic software vendors
  2. Driven by falling oil prices and increasing supply growth: an increase in consolidation of companies in the energy sector as they seek to cut costs and improve access to capital
  3. Internet of Things adoption is gaining momentum in the energy sector. This will result in increased concerns on network reliability, IT systems & infrastructure resilience, consumer’s privacy and (cyber)security

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— Energyworx