Edwin Poot nominated as Nerd of the Year

June 18th, 2015 by Energyworx

Once, the word ‘Nerd’ was a little abusive, associated with negative thoughts. This negative connotation fully disappeared. The driverless cars are around the corner, robots are able to fulfill more and more jobs. Those who know how this works are becoming ever more important. Just like we need those clever minds for handling big data in the energy sector.

The nr. #4 on the Nerd list in the category big data is Edwin Poot. He founded the company Energyworx and is, together with his team, developing software as a service for smart grids and smart meters. The algorithms Edwin programmed, ensure the usability of the big data flowing from smart meters and other data for the energy companies and utilities.  In the end, the Energyworx platform is key to create more sustainable energy networks. Congrats Edwin with this unique nomination!

— Energyworx