Energyworx and Smart Society Services join forces in developing smart meter market

September 20th, 2017 by Energyworx

Energyworx (, a SaaS company in energy data management, data intelligence and advanced analytics, today announced to join forces with Smart Society Services (, a company delivering scalable SaaS services to monitor, control and manage smart devices that help improve reliability and efficiency in large and critical infrastructures.

Energyworx and Smart Society Services will be jointly positioning their complementary SaaS solutions in the smart meter market in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries. Target groups are utilities, metering companies, service partners and other companies which operate large meter infrastructures and are coping with legacy HES and MDM systems and aiming for digital transformation in their IT/OT systems.

Energyworx: the SaaS solution for energy intelligence
The energy transition to renewable energy is disrupting the existing business models of energy and utility companies. Data is growing exponentially due to the rollout of smart meters, new grid sensors, IoT and the increasing frequency of data. As a result, utility companies need to transform from a commodity-driven model to a data-driven model. Ingesting, analyzing and getting value out of these massive amounts of data is quickly becoming a significant problem for all players in the energy industry. The Energyworx SaaS-based platform for energy data management and energy intelligence solutions addresses and solves these challenges.

Smart Society Services: SaaS solution for managing and reading energy utility meters
With their strong background in the energy utility market, Smart Society Services knows and understands the challenges in managing large numbers of different types of smart meters and collecting meter data efficiently.

Their SaaS solution reduces complexity and costs by using one single head-end for managing multi-vendor and multi-type smart meters. Failed smart meter operations are managed in a very efficient and user-friendly way. The use of open protocols standards and open source technology results in shorter time in adding new (types of) smart meters. Through the use of an open source and high security IoT platform, their Smart Meter Head End Service provides a basis for expanding into future smart grid functions (e.g. distribution automation and load management)


— Energyworx