Hear what Google planned Next!

June 24th, 2015 by

Andre Hoekzema, Head of the Google Cloud platform, invited us to Google Next in Amsterdam. Did you plan to join? Contact us to connect at the event!

Google Next 2015 (24th June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
At Google Next, you will experience how developers and IT professionals use the Cloud to make all kinds of amazing things. Learn from experts, get hands-on technical training and find out how customers and peers are using next-generation technologies in mobile, big data, computing, networking and security to build and scale faster than ever before.

Are you in IT Business or a Developer working for an energy company or utility?  Energyworx CEO Edwin Poot will answer your questions related to big data, the energy sector and his value propositions towards the Cloud.

Unfortunately, the event is completely booked. Register to stream the key-note on demand!

The event program is split up into a Business IT and Developers stream. Featured topics are:

Business IT stream:

Engines 101: Introduction to Compute on Cloud Platform
‘Google Cloud Platform offers a continuum of compute, from running super fast virtual machines to high scale web applications. They will explore the Compute solutions and show you that no matter what your needs are, they’ve got you covered.’

Gain Insight into your Information with Powerful Data and Analytics
‘Big Data is an industry buzz term, but to Google this is the core of what our business is run on, incredible amounts of information. Google will explore how they have exposed on their internal services so that you too can ingest, store and analyze data to gain insights quickly without having to worry about all that pesky infrastructure.’

Developers stream:

From Zero to Hero: A Developers Guide to Google Cloud Platform
‘Take the Google Cloud Platform for a spin (literally!) by seeing how Google used the Cloud and off the shelf components to build an interactive demo with amazing visual special effects for this event.’

Your Data and the World Beyond MapReduce.
‘MapReduce was state of the art… in 2004. It’s 2015. Come learn how to use today’s state of the art data processing and analysis tools: Dataflow and BigQuery.’

An overview of the complete program can be found at the event website.