Pseudonymisation – How do we secure your energy data?

July 24th, 2015 by Energyworx

Security of cloud-based meter data management platform

From the very beginning, Energyworx has developed its platform to safeguard sensitive information, protecting the privacy of consumers and the security of utility operations. Security and privacy is ingrained in our company philosophy and is at the foundation of the Energyworx platform. Our talented team of developers works hard each day to add more functionality to the platform while ensuring security is maintained to the highest degree. Our technique is called pseudonymisation, an information security and privacy enhancing technique. With pseudonymisation, the utilities’ and energy companies’ time series data and relational information is saved in separate cloud divisions – for example partially in the Energyworx Cloud and partially in the customer’s cloud. The time series data of consumers is expressed as an anonymous user number which makes hacking attempts futile as it’s impossible to associate the information with a specific consumer or data source.

This process of pseudonymisation is an identification procedure where information with a certain algorithm is replaced with a certain encrypted key (a pseudonym). The algorithm can be calculated in the same way to combine the consumer information with the corresponding time series data and other relevant  data sources. This is the primary difference between pseudonymisation and anonymisation, where correlating the consumer information with different data sources is not possible.

We hope you are well-informed about our security approach by this post. For those interested, read the Security and Compliance Model of our technological partner Google and preferred cloud provider. Note: we are cloud agnostic.


— Energyworx