Jaakko walks the extra mile

December 20th, 2017 by Energyworx

Hi, my name is Jaakko Uusitalo and I am a data scientist at Energyworx. I started working at Energyworx this summer. What motivated me to apply here was the chance to work in a team of enthusiastic people that is growing but still small enough that each member of the team can see the impact of their work on our product and in our client projects. The interviewers made it clear that the company was constantly testing new solutions and willing to implement new ideas quickly.

For me, seeing that impact of my work daily is what drives me to ‘walk the extra mile’. Seeing how happy the client is because of our hard work is really satisfying. At Energyworx, there’s an almost tangible atmosphere of going that extra mile for our clients. People for example really step up when a client is facing a (technical) challenge that needs to be solved quickly because in a small team everyone feels responsible for our product. The moments that I am most proud of are when at the end of a project our client sees the end product and it is better than we had promised. During these projects, we get to know the client and the team very well and it’s great to see them so happy during our final presentation which shows them which results we’ve achieved together!

I have really enjoyed that atmosphere of pushing yourself to better results at Energyworx, and it’s something I try to do outside the office as well. I’m an enthusiastic runner, I’ve found the physical exertion to balance my daily job well and I get the same satisfaction of pushing myself to my limits in running as I do in my work. This year, my goal was to run the Berlin Marathon. On the last week of September I ran around Berlin with 44 000 other runners and finished happy. I didn’t have to ‘walk the extra mile’ that day, or any mile for that matter.

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