Matthew Takes Ownership

January 5th, 2018 by Energyworx

Energyworx encourages its customers to build and create on our platform. With that philosophy, we empower our customers to take ownership of their business rather than forcing it through a black box. Our team also follows this value by seizing opportunities, getting the job done and always delivering quality work.

Hi, my name is Matt Ross and I’m a Solution Architect at Energyworx. This is my third position with Energyworx as I’ve chosen to adapt to the changing needs of the Company. Having dedicated myself to the Energy Transition, I was enthralled by the capabilities of the Energyworx product when I first met the team back in 2014.

I decided at that moment that I wanted to join this passionate team and help change the industry. As exciting as this was for my career, it was not without its challenges. Bringing a new technology to a new market is almost like starting from scratch. We had to convince the US market they could trust Energyworx even though we were only doing business in Europe at that time.

Once we finally broke through and secured our first US customer, we now had the challenge of delivering in a new market where the customer was across the ocean from our technical team. This was a pivotal moment for Energyworx and for me personally. I decided to transition from a sales role to delivery manager and ensure the project was a success.

The journey continues and the knowledge I’ve gained through these projects has allowed me to transition to Solution Architect. Here I get to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges by designing and configuring new features using the Energyworx Platform. This position matches my passion with another critical need at Energyworx. I look forward to future growth opportunities at Energyworx and recognize that no one will offer them to me. I will take them.

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