Michiel takes ownership

March 30th, 2018 by Energyworx

Hi, my name is Michiel Timmerman and this is my chance to tell you a bit about my journey here at Energyworx. Last year, I started as a development intern at Energyworx, which meant working at this internationally growing and innovative data-analytics company and building a part of their enterprise software. During this time, I have developed, among other things, a caching mechanism and reconsolidation functions, while focusing on stability, scalability, and usefulness for end users.

After my internship, I wanted to pursue a masters degree in Computing Science, and Energyworx has provided me with the opportunity to keep working for them part-time. Now, I’m part of the Bug Squashers team as a Software Developer, and in that role, I am often responsible for deployments, hotfixes, and feature development. It is exciting to work with the youngest developers and data scientists in our company on issues no one else solved. During my studies, I am learning a lot which I can apply directly to my daily tasks at Energyworx by converting theory to practice. This combination is a great learning experience.

Energyworx and its platform are always in transition. This provides me with the opportunity to provide input in the foundations of our continuously improving platform and leave a mark. I feel that Energyworx isn’t stuck in old habits or code. I get to work with the newest technologies, and there is time and appreciation for good ideas. Everyone makes an impact. For me, this is what taking ownership means. Our product is my product, and this feeling of ownership and responsibility is what gives me energy every day.

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