Consumer satisfaction in the energy sector – Your customer in control!

August 24th, 2015 by

Consumer satisfaction in the energy sector

Providing your customers with energy usage insights, and informing them when they exceed their monthly energy budget, even before it happens, helps customers feel they are in control. Nowadays, high energy bills tend to come as a surprise and customers are anxious to open the bill. This breeds negative emotions towards your energy company so it is important to actively recommend how your customers could save energy and money. By sending these updates, there will be no surprises at the end of the month and your customers will feel empowered and happy with your service.

Leveraging simplified analytics and desirable alerts like: ‘You used 60% of your monthly energy usage package, while there are still 18 days to go.’ and ‘Maybe you could wash your clothes / charge your car during non-peak hours on saturday and sunday.’ are simple alerts that can yield noticeable savings on customer bills. Customer satisfaction will improve if energy retailers start this dialogue with them.

Utilities have to step up and take action by getting to know their customers through the power of real time data. By creating distinct customer profiles and understanding what customers value based on data, energy companies can provide more relevant energy insights for their customers. In return, these automatic notifications and alerts can help utilities and energy companies save money on customer service! Energyworx is specialized in providing these services and reaching customers through user-friendly apps and new concepts like Social Energy. We are always thinking along with utilities about the best way to approach your customers. Contact us to find out how!