Stefan walks the extra (air)mile

February 16th, 2018 by Energyworx

What is that, flying through the cloud? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

It’s our very own Special Forces team!

Hi there, I’m Stefan Boenders and I’m one of the Software Developers of Energyworx. As one of the first employees of Energyworx, I have seen the company grow from both a business and technical perspective, which has been really cool. The company is continually developing and I am curious to see what more we will achieve, and what we will look like a few years from now.

Before I started at Energyworx, I was working as an Embedded Developer. During that time, I was working on a project in South Africa together with our president Edwin, which is also where I got connected with the Energyworx platform. Now, being on the Special Forces team, I’m often involved in onboarding new customers to our platform. What I like about that, is having a part in solving the problems customers face while dealing with bad quality data.. They get enthusiastic when they see how easily our platform can help them increase the quality of their forecasts and that is where I get my energy as well.

Connecting customer infrastructures to our service is what keeps me busy at the moment. That’s also what I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks. While writing this blog I’m on an airplane on my way to a customer in Indianapolis, which is literally going the extra mile I would say. I already know I’m going to make a lot of hours behind the laptop, but I’m really looking forward to it. When you’re surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic as yourself, doing a bit extra is like a second nature. Another great example of that is the time me and a few colleagues spend in Houston last year. For one of our customers we replaced several systems with our own service, which was both a fun project and a great learning experience. When I heard the customer signed the contract and wanted to use more of our service on other levels within the company, it felt like a major reward. It’s moments like these that keep me motivated.

Well, I must confess; the size of the American steaks helps as well…

Are you just as enthusiastic and talented as our employees?

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— Energyworx