Energyworx partners with Real NewEnergy

April 30th, 2015 by

To Crunch Data coming from the Smart Grid in the US and California

Real NewEnergy (RNE) is an integrated sustainability energy company in San Francisco experienced in technology development and international business development. RNE’s talented team and broad network makes them an ideal partner as Energyworx looks to crunch the vast data pouring out of utilities and energy service companies in the US and California. RNE collaborates with Energyworx since we are a specialized company that is creating value for multiple stakeholders on the Smart Grid. This complementary relationship results in the formulation of more opportunities for all involved.

RNE is built on 3 major offerings:  Sustainable Energy Project Development, Sustainable Energy Consulting and Energy Technology Development. The three activities each demand slightly different skills, networks and resources but the combination reinforces the value of  each single activity. RNE believes this set of complementary skills is an ideal component of the energy transition.

Stay tuned for updates and please visit the Real NewEnergy website for more details.