Intelligent MDM

September 19th, 2016 by Energyworx

This blog entry accompanies our use case for Intelligent Meter Data Management. Energyworx goes beyond meter-to-cash with context enriched data gathering and out-of-the-box applications for data exploration and customer insights.

MDM Experience & Recognition

Meter Data Management (MDM) is a traditional term for supporting the billing cycle with meter data collection, processing and calculations of billing determinants. Energyworx is an experienced MDM provider – crunching billions of context enriched meter values each day. The research and advisory firm, Gartner has positioned Energyworx three years in row in its Magic Quadrant for MDM and continues to move us further towards the visionary section.

Core MDM Functionality

Energyworx is focusing on what’s next for the industry and MDM is no exception. We have a proprietary approach to Data Quality that is unmatched in the industry. This foundation makes the core process much more accurate and successful:

– Ingestion of raw data from any source (headend, database, etc.), streaming or batched

– Validation, estimation and editing (VEE)

– Billing determinants for invoicing

But why stop there? In many deployments, MDM is viewed as too critical to disturb – too fragile to support other business processes. As such, MDM operates in a silo and other projects and products are procured to support business intelligence and customer insights.

Pure Play Cloud Computing

Energyworx runs its (MDM) software using cloud platform services which means there is no threat of overloading the system and the validated data can power new business models and applications. Energyworx scales automatically based on demand and only charges users for the storage and processing used. Our pay-per-use model leads to the most cost effective MDM solution – guaranteed. Benchmarked projects show cost reductions greater than 75%. Schedule a proof of concept to to see for yourself!


Gather Context Enriched Timeseries

Energyworx gathers data in many different ways but always with the same approach. Energyworx implements data conversion adapters that are capable of converting a specific protocol to a protocol required for Energyworx. Energyworx has a variety of adapters for different formats and creating new adapters typically requires little effort (days or weeks). Many adapters are available “on-the-shelf” including the leading smart meters, headend systems, smart inverters and IoT products. Once these adapters are developed, Energyworx can ingest data and begin its VEE engine.

Adapters apply to both timeseries data and relational data. The relational data is critical for gaining greater insight into your data through a process Energyworx calls Contextual Awareness. These sources of metadata become “tags” in our platform to be used for fast queries and the ability to group datasources.


Crunch with Programmable VEE

Raw data contains outliers and faulty or missing values that need to be corrected for billing and other workflows. Energyworx applies its data cleaning engine to the raw data to correct errors and display data quality in real time. Energyworx goes beyond the best practices for VEE by including advanced anomaly detection, load shape classification and machine learning estimation.

In addition, Energyworx provides a pluggable mechanism for VEE Rules. Proprietary algorithms can be implemented and deployed as part of this VEE workflow giving your business a strategic advantage over the competition.

Use the Data for EVERYTHING

Now that your organization has access to validated data, optimized for fast queries and visualization, apply it to new use cases. Energyworx has a suite of Energy Data Management and Intelligence Solutions that support new business models for utilities and energy retailers. New use cases can be realized in weeks at incremental cost.

Are you ready for Intelligent MDM? Contact us to experience energy data management without limitations.

— Energyworx