Missed our latest webinar on intelligent MDM?

March 28th, 2018 by Energyworx

On March 13th, Energyworx hosted a webinar on ‘Intelligent MDM’ for over 45 people. In this webinar we confirmed the need for meter data analytics in addition to supporting the meter to cash cycle. Modern utilities require metered consumption data for many critical business processes. However, the need to acquire, cleanse, store and analyze vastly growing amounts of data at a higher granularity, often comes with significant challenges. These challenges can have top and bottom line impacts on their company and limit the value that can be gained from the consumption data stored in their landscape.

During the webinar we showed how Energyworx can solve these challenges. Starting with Smart Integration, we are able to ingest any datasource and run it through our VEE process where the data quality is benchmarked throughout the flows. By providing full transparency, you can be aware of all potential risks inherent in your data.

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